Andorra Telecom negotiates with Andorran businessmen on the issue of creating integral wi-fi network on the territory of the Principality

андоррателекомThe Director of Andorra Telecom (Andorra Telecom is a monopolist of the telecommunication market of Andorra (Pyrenees)) Jordi Nadal announced about the initiative to create an integral wi-fi network on the territory of the Principality.

In accordance to his words, 95% of the restaurants already present such services of free internet usage. At that one of the biggest ski resorts of the PrincipalityGrandvalira”, several hotels, big shopping malls and other touristic attractions have expressed their interest in joining the efforts for integral wi-fi network creation.

“Grandvalira” resort managers say that tourists need a high-quality internet, which is approved by the statistics of resort administration. Free wi-fi internet was used by more than a half of registered resort visitors during the season of 2013-2014.

“It is important that tourists may use modern means of communication. For certain tourist- easy-to-get internet is a necessity. Due to the fact that Andorra expects the expansion of touristic flow, it is reasonable to start the work on the usage of simplified procedure of internet usage within the bounds of integral network”, commented Jordi Nadal.

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