Andorra Sports Startup Challenge selected new projects

Andorra Sports Startup Challenge aims at deseasonalizing Andorra’s sports and tourism offers. It is backed by The Global Sports Innovation Centre and Actua.

64 startups from 18 different countries submitted entries.

In particular, the jury selected the following projects:

“A field of ski practicing” (China) – this is a professional, safe and year-round training-gym centre for urban ski lovers who want to learn and practice skiing. Training on ski mats, with support from video recordings, data analysis and laser technology, it allows an easy learning experience.

MoonBikes (France) re-conceptualized the snowmobile experience and created an electric, ultralight and quiet snowmobile, foldable for easy transport.

Xeerpa (Spain) can help identify users ‘lifestyles and preferences’ by analysing their social media profiles and offering them personalized products and services based on their preferences and affinities.

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