Andorra and Spain discussed the political and economical readiness of La Seu d’Urgell Airport for servicing commercial flights

The Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation of Andorra (Pyrenees), Gilbert Saboya, has met today in Madrid with the Minister of Development of Spain, Iñigo de la Serna, to discuss the readiness of the airport Andorra –  La Seu D’UrgellCataloniaSpain for servicing commercial flights.

Iñigo de la Serna informed the Andorran colleague that the matter is being coordinated by the State Flight Safety Agency (l’Agència Estatal de Seguretat Aeroportuària, AESA) and the government agency responsible for air navigation systems (ENAIRE).

The parts agreed that the flight safety and compliance with international standards is the priority of the airport’s work and expressed their readiness to continue working in an agreed manner.

The total amount of investments required to make the airport operating as a commercial facility amounted to 1 million euros. In particular, the money was spent on the implementation of the AFIS system, arrangement of rescue and fire safety infrastructure, as well as equipment ensuring the safety of passengers (metal detectors). Investments were also required for the installation of an automated aeronautical meteorological station responsible for providing all the necessary information to pilots.

Due to the geography of the airport, (it is located in a mountainous area), two more systems are needed. This is the NDB-DME system (allows to perform flights in difficult meteorological conditions), as well as the EGNOS system (a system for the functional addition of a satellite GPS signal).

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