Andorra ski season continues with enhanced precautions

Andorra ski season continues with enhanced precautions

The Minister of Tourism of Andorra (Pyrenees), Veronica Canals, Andorran Minister of Health, Joan Martinez Benazet, and Andorran Minister of Finance, Eric Jover, met with the directors of the ski resorts and the consuls of the respective parishes to assess the possible damage to ski tourism as the consequences of COVID-19.

“Given the importance of the Andorran ski resorts in the country’s economy, the meeting participants considered the direct and indirect consequences of the current situation. It was decided to create an interagency commission, which will daily monitor the situation and measures taken to limit the possibility of virus infection. At the same time, activity in the ski resorts will be maintained. However, the resorts themselves will strengthen preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of infection on the ski slopes,” said the Andorran government press release.

Yesterday, the Minister of Tourism also met with associations responsible for the tourism sector in the country, as well as representatives of travel agencies. They were given an order on exceptional measures, agreed yesterday by the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as information in different languages ​​on how to act in case of suspected coronavirus infection.

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