Andorra plans to develope the reserve center along the Coronallacs route

The Government of Andorra has approved, at the proposal of the Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Sílvia Calvó, to tender the preparation, implementation, management and maintenance of the reserve center along the Coronallacs hiking route. Within the framework of the Government’s desire to promote access to the mountain and to position Andorra (Pyrenees) as a destination for nature tourism, the creation of this website has been bid on to centralize the reservations of the hikers who want to make the route for the four shelters stored.

The Coronallacs route, which joins the four shelters, was put into operation in 2017, as part of the increased practice of sport and leisure in the mountains. Since then, the route has been very well received, with more than 400 hikers who completed the route during the last season.

Therefore, the aim of creating a unified website to acquire a four-way pass, one for each refuge along the route, is what is being bid on currently.

The licensed works consist of the elaboration, implementation, management and maintenance of an online reservation center with telephone assistance for the acquisition of a pass corresponding to the 4 refuges that are found along the Coronallacs route (Illa, Juclà, Borda de Sorteny and Comapedrosa).

The successful bidder will be responsible for the promotion of the Coronallacs route, the financial organization as well as the management and financing of the products to advertise the route.

The competition is national with an urgent procedure and open procedure. The urgent modality is justified by the fact that the country wants to have the reservation center ready for this winter and spring (in the test phase), and they want to incorporate the merchandise management before the next spring-summer season.

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