Andorra la Vella will be the motorbike world capital later this year

photo: FIM

Andorra la Vella in Andorra (Pyrenees) will be the motorbike world capital later on this year. In early December, representatives of 113 countries of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) will meet on 1st and 2nd December in Andorra la Vella. The country will host (for the second consecutive year) the general meeting of the federation and the awarding of the 43 world champions in all the motorcycling disciplines of the past season and the 10 championship teams, during which, the F.I.M. Awards (5 special prizes) will also be awarded.

Around 300 delegates will be in the Andorran capital to elect their new president. The last president in office, Venezuelan Vito Ippolito, has come to the end of his term. After three four-year terms, he can no longer represent himself again.

The highest officials in Andorra and Andorra la Vella said the event would, once again, be of global significance. It is a way for them to attract international media stations and thus to develop the brand “Andorra” in the world. The leaders of the federation appreciated how well things were organized in Andorra last year.

The President of the Andorran Motorcycling Federation, Natàlia Gallego,  added that an autograph session will be organized during the event, for the general public. The details of the programme will be specified during the month of November.

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