Andorra – La Seu D’Urgell airport has welcomed the first commercial flight from Marseille

Today Andorra (Pyrenees) – La Seu D’Urgell (Spain, Catalonia) airport has welcomed the first commercial flight from Marseille (France) – it was organized for travel agents and journalists to familiarize with the region and attract tourists. The plane left Marseille at 7.10 and landed in the airport of Andorra-Seu at 8.15. The return flight is at 16.00.

The flight was organized with the participation of the Grup Regina, Turisme Seu, el Consell Comarcal de l’Alt Urgell and Turisme de Catalunya.

The Mayor of La Seu D’Urgell Albert Batalla explained that the flight would be available for passengers on Fridays and Saturdays from March 9 to May 1. The decision to extend or to terminate the flights (depending on demand) can be taken during May.

In addition to Marseille route, the flights to Madrid and Palma de Mallorca are also available on the same days.

The number of seats on the plane is 19.

The ticket price to any of the listed cities is 110 euros.

The flight is carried out by Twin Jet (a subsidiary of Air France).

Albert Batalla accompanied the delegation from Marseille during the day: the guests visited the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Urgell, as well as the Olympic rafting park. The visit included a tasting of the local Cadi cheese and wine, as well as a lunch of traditional dishes of a Catalan cuisine.

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