Andorra joins the celebration of International archives day on 9th June

International archives dayAndorra (Pyrenees) joins the celebration of International archives day on 9th June. The purpose of this festival is to raise public awareness in the issues of the preservation, processing and use of archival heritage in the world through the establishment of international standards and advanced training of archivists.

The organization “National archives of Andorra” will hold a conference, the name of which is “Memory Protection”. The event will be attended by the President of the Association of archivists of Catalonia, Spain, Joan Soler Jiménez. The event will take place at 19:30 at the National library building (Andorra la Vella) and is open to all visitors.

International archives day was established by the International Council of archives (ICA) in 2007 at the meeting of the General Assembly in Canada. The date for the holiday was chosen because on this day in 1948 UNESCO established ICA – professional non-governmental organization of the world archival community, contributing to the preservation, development and use of the world’s archival heritage. About 1.5 million members from more than 190 countries are the members of ICA today.

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