Andorra issued its own new coins on January 8, 2015

2euros2-cAndorra issued its own new coins on 8th January, 2015. Notably, 2 500 purchase orders were registered on the official web-page of the Government of Andorra only two days after the start of allotment. It was possible to purchase the coins at par (3.88 euros per coin) on the official web-page of the Government. Only citizens of Andorra, who had sent orders, were able to participate in the purchase. As a result, this way helped to avoid lines in bank offices and coins did not fall into scalpers’ hand.

Although, not all Andorran citizens, who wanted, were able to make an order, because they are not internet users. It, principally, concerns senior citizens. Alternative method of purchase at par will be proposed for this group of people.

As for the others, who are not citizens of the Principality, they will have a possibility to buy coins at the price of 24 euros for the collection of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1, 2 euros. The collection will be sold in banks and tourist offices.

The collection with coins descriptions and characteristics is released in four languages. The commemorative coin of Andorra will be released in March. It will be the coin to the value of 2 euros with a high polishing.

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