Andorra issued a brochure with recommendations for tourists concerning their behavior in the wild

The Department of Agriculture of the Government of Andorra has issued a brochure “Tourism and livestock in the mountains” with recommendations for tourists on how to behave in the wild, in order to avoid the possible danger of communicating with animals.

Director of the Department of Agriculture of the Andorran Government, Landry Riba, explained that the brochure contained pictograms, which facilitates the understanding of the information. He also recalled that cattle breeding was a tradition in the principality.

Landry Riba warns that residents and guests of Andorra should avoid direct contact with wild animals. He also pays attention to the fact that wild animals are guarded by dogs taught to protect them.

“Mountain tourism is absolutely compatible with wild animals, if tourists respect the environment and its inhabitants,” he sums up.

A brochure (5,000 copies) will be distributed in Andorra (Pyrenees) including mountain refugees and tourist destinations.

Violation of the law on the protection of animals entails a fine in the amount of 60 to 300 euros.

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