Andorra government reinforces preventive measures to contain COVID-19

Andorra government reinforces preventive measures to contain COVID-19

Andorran Prime Minister, Xavier Espot, and Health Minister, Joan Martinez Benazet, convened an urgent press conference last night to announce new, strengthened measures to contain COVID-19 after confirming the infection of 87-year-old Andorran citizen.

The head of government called on “calm and solidarity” in the face of an “exceptional situation.” He added that Andorra will face difficult times when urgent and short-term solutions will be applied, and in this situation, he asked the citizens to “trust the health authorities”.

“The government will make balanced decisions based on scientific criteria,” he promised.

The head of government of Andorra appeals to common sense and asks to follow instructions transmitted through official channels.

It is recommended that all students and schoolchildren stay home.

Remember that from Monday all schools, kindergartens and educational institutions of Andorra will be temporarily closed as a measure to contain the infection. In addition, the government decided to cancel all extracurricular and recreational activities, including school ski outings.

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