Andorra enhances control over the quality of food

Andorra (Pyrenees) enhances control over the quality of food. For this purpose, a special supervisory body will be created under control of the ministry of Agriculture of Andorra.

Such measures are approved by the Government of Andorra on 31 January. Given the growing demand for organic food, the Principality also plans to create a certificate of compliance with environmental standards – it will fully comply with the quality certificate that is in force in the EU countries.

Meanwhile, Andorra has already had quality certificates similar to the EU countries for meat foods and wine.

Strengthening the control over the quality of food will also help to increase demand for local brands, which will be marked as: “Made in Andorra.”

Currently, the Andorran budget provides subsidies for the production of organic food in the amount of 360 000 euros.

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