Andorra builds up a new structure of tax and customs administration

The Minister for finances of Andorra Jordi Cinca and the Director of Andorran tax service Albert Hinojosa told about legislative initiative related to the establishment of integrated structure that will unify all customs and tax departments of Andorra.

The governmental officials state that a new department will be responsible for effective implementation of tax and customs politics including the systems of administration, estimation, capturing, checking and following the tax legislation of the country, penalty regime, the control of budget incomes, participation in legislation development and also informational support of the county’s tax policy.

In accordance to Jordi Cinca, these initiatives are  “temporary and forced” steps on the way to launching the Agency on taxes and customs as an autonomous unit that will manage the whole system of state taxes and levies.

It was additionally mentioned that “in 2014 no new taxes will be implemented in Andorra”.

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