Andorra approves the State of Alert and Emergency law

The Cap de Govern of Andorra, Xavier Espot, said in his message that the Police have started to monitor traffic in various parts of the country to prevent a minority of irresponsible people from jeopardizing the health and well-being of the majority. These controls will be maintained and strengthened in the coming days. “The Government will not hesitate to apply the present regulations firmly. A new decree will establish the mandatory nature of the measures, (such as to stay at home except for shopping by one person per household C.A.) There will be police controls in the shops and on the roads.

According to the State of Alert and Emergency law, in the case of limiting traffic circulation, drivers in breach of these rules can be penalized on the spot.

A Decree has been approved to regulate shops that sell basic goods. Only one person per family can enter the shop. And establishments are also encouraged to promote home delivery. (For the elderly, don’t forget that you can ring 188 and ask for help with shopping and home delivery. C.A.).

Though some countries allow outdoor sports, Andorra, in its wish to stop the virus spreading, has banned all fixtures.

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