Andorra approves the creation of the state master’s degree in education, with a total of 120 European credits

The Government, on the proposal of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Eric Jover, has approved the creation of the state master’s degree in education, with a total of 120 European credits.

This training offers a bachelor’s degrees in education sciences and education and allows professionals the opportunity to continue training to improve their incorporation into the workplace and allows a continuity in professional evolution and contributes to the improvement of the quality of the Andorran educational system.

The master’s degree in education specializes in teachers in the system of competence on which the Strategic Plan for Renovation and Improvement of the Andorran Educational System (PERMSEA) is based. The graduates will develop the academic program with the same methodologies that they will have to put into practice with their students, thus facilitating their professional integration into the educational teams.

This higher degree incorporates a module of democratic culture following the model proposed by the Council of Europe, becoming a unique reference in Europe in this field.

The master’s degree consists of five modules and a final project. Each module is independent, so you can complete the degree in one go or by modules.

Regarding the theme of the modules, they are divided into areas such as educational intervention, oriented to teaching in second grade, baccalaureate and vocational training in an inclusive school; specialized education, oriented to intervention, in inclusive environments, with students who have high skills or important learning difficulties due to disability or other cases; democratic culture, aimed at providing educational responses based on the interpretation of the needs and conflicts of the current social, cultural and economic reality, in line with the values promoted by the Council of Europe and finally learning and communication technologies (TAC), aimed at developing the digital competence of the graduate.

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