Andorra approved the new extraordinary programme of aid with rent for discotheques, travel agencies, indoor playgrounds and establishments, bars and cafeterias

The Parliament of Andorra (Pyrenees) has approved a decree stipulating the new extraordinary programme of aid with rent and mortgage payments for the commercial premises most affected by the measures to deal with the current situation caused by COVID-19.

There will be direct aid for the nightlife sectors – discotheques or similar – travel agencies, indoor playgrounds and establishments affected by the 8th October decree of additional measures for bars and cafeterias.

The aid is divided into three categories according to the percentage of the rental or mortgage fee that will be covered.

The highest percentage of aid, 75%, goes to closed sectors, ie nightlife and indoor playgrounds. It will also be possible to help bars and cafés that dedicate their business exclusively to those activities, but in this case it only applies to days of partial closure due to the additional measures approved at the beginning of the month.

The second percentage, corresponding to a 50% grant, is aimed at shops or businesses dedicated exclusively to travel agencies. Although it is a sector that should not be closed, the Executive considers that its level of business has been substantially reduced since the beginning of the crisis.

Finally, a grant of 25% of the rental price is expected for those bars and cafés that are not exclusively dedicated to this business. Tourist accommodation and shopping centres that have a bar or cafeteria as a complementary activity are excluded.

Although the measures enter into force the day after the decree’s publication in the BOPA, aid can be applied for retroactively from 1st October in the case of nightlife, playgrounds and travel agencies. As for bars and cafés, it can be requested with application from 8th October when the decree came into force that restricted their activity to a takeaway service. The cost assumed by the Government may not in any case exceed 2,000€ per month.

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