Andorra approved amendments to the Criminal Code to facilitate fight against money laundering and terrorism in accordance with international standards

02.03.2017   //  By:   //  All news, Politics

criminal code terrorism andorra money launderingThe Council of Ministers of Andorra approved amendments to the to facilitate fight against and in accordance with international standards.

EU Directive on the prevention of the use of financial system for money laundering or terrorism financing was submitted into the legal system of the principality after the ratification of the Monetary Agreement between Andorra and the European Union in 2011. However, the current international standards demanded changes to the Criminal Code of the Principality.

Classification of tax crimes carried out by differentiation: base crimes (50 000 euro), crimes committed with aggravating circumstances (more than 150 000 euros), or crimes committed by a criminal organization.

New list of crimes also included the financing of illegal political parties and public organizations.

The amendments will be submitted to the Andorran in the nearest future, reported Andorran Minister of Finance Jordi Cinca