Anadol SV–1600

Anadol SV-1600 is a middle class car model produced by Anadol between 1973 and 1982. The vehicle is the world’s first 5-door station wagon with a fiberglass body. It had a completely different design and appearance than the 4-door Anadol models, and was inspired by Reliant’s Scimitar sports-station coupé.

Several details of the car bore similarities with the station wagon designs of Bertone and Pininfarina in that period. The first examples of the SV–1600 had single-colour paint, while the front hood had a spoiler, which was something new for station cars.

After some time, a more luxurious version was produced, and bi-colour paint were applied, while new interiors were introduced. Starting from 1976, the SV-1600 received aluminium wheels, a new steering wheel, new side mirrors, and a single-colour paint with a black-and-white stripe on the sides. The car also had retractable seats for further enlarging the trunk space.

Assembly: Istanbul (Turkey)

Years of production: 1973—1982

Production: 6,499 units

Length: 4445 mm

Width: 1645 mm

Height: 1415 mm

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1599 cc

Power: 65 HP

Maximum speed: 145 km/h

Weight: 950 kg

Rahmi M. Koç museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

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