An exhibition of Ramon Casas, a bourgeois artist of universal fame and one of the references of Modernisme in Catalonia, takes place in Andorra

An exhibition of Ramon Casas, a bourgeois artist of universal fame and one of the references of Modernisme in Catalonia (Spain), takes place in Andorra (Pyrenees), at the government exhibition hall, ARTALROC, Escaldes-Engordany.

Ramon Casas, master of modernity’ is a retrospective sample of the artist’s work that brings together fifty pieces from museums, private collections and foundations in Andorra for the first time, and where we can see all the aspects of his work.

Despite being geographically close, well-known and valued by the Andorran public, Casas has never been subject to an individual exhibition in Andorra until today, and this is a strange fact if we take into account his relevance and importance.

With this exhibition we want to correct this shortcoming. The exhibition is divided into the following areas: Self-portrait Casas painted himself more than forty times throughout his life. He was passionate about cycling and, above all,  motoring. The first time he was seen driving a car, a De Dietrich, was in 1899. Until the First World War he bought the vehicles in France. He had at least thirteen.

Chulas and Manolas. These portraits of women correspond to the period in which the works of thematic and folklore
Spaniards became fashionable throughout Europe, especially in France and England. They faithfully represent two of the strata of Spanish society of the late nineteenth century.

The City played a determining role in his formation and later work. He went to Paris where he met modernity and also where he discovered the Japanese prints that had so much influence on the artists of the time.

He exhibited regularly and was a member of the Société des Artistes Français. Júlia Peraire. The young lottery salesgirl, from a humble family, whom he met in 1905 and who was a muse and model, finally becoming his wife;

He painted her until he died in 1932. Portraits The portraits are a reflection of the society that surrounded the artist, and to whom Casas became the chronicler. There are relatives, friends, politicians, intellectuals and artists from that time. Illustrator and poster designer. In this section there are, among others, two of the posters that he designed for Anís del Mono. His career as a branded poster painter (he created more than fifty), was what originally brought
him fame.

Opening Hours: From Tuesday afternoon to Friday from 11h – 14h and from 15:30h – 20h.

Saturday from 10h – 14h from 15h – 20h.

Closed on Sunday afternoon.

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