An eating disorder: how does it look like?

An eating disorder: how does it look like?

Basically, the desire to get the same body as the models from the covers of magazines does not lead to anything good.

According to the World Bank, in North America for example, about 30 million people suffer from eating disorders. Sometimes the symptoms are disguised as healthy habits, and if they are not detected on time, this can lead to trouble. This is what my post is about today.

1. You constantly think about food.
It doesn’t matter if you want to eat every minute or if you just strictly control food intakes – this is the same thing because you constantly think about food. The number of calories, when and how much to eat, and which products are bad for you – if you live that way, then this is one of the symptoms of an eating disorder.

2. You only cook complex dishes for guests
Those who do not allow themselves to eat tasty and special food often show tend to prepare it for other people instead. This is a symptom of eating disorders – if you can spend hours cooking something amazingly tasty for your loved ones, and at lunch you only eat a tomato salad.

3. You are always cold
The body finds it harder to produce heat when the amount of body fat is very low. If you feel cold all the time no matter how covered up and warmly dressed you are, this is one of the signs of having an eating disorder.

4. You spend a lot of time looking for your flaws.
Looking in the mirror is completely normal, only if it does not occur 20 times a day and is not an obsessive thought. A person who suffers from an eating disorder may become obsessed with their appearance and can spend hours searching for flaws.

5. After skipping a workout you panic
Playing sports is useful, however, everything should be in moderation. If you train to the detriment of other things, and after skipping the gym you start to panic, then you definitely have an eating disorder.

6. The condition of your hair, skin and nails has become worse.
No disorder is complete without consequences. If you eat very little, then perhaps the body receives a small amount of nutrients, and therefore the skin condition worsens, the nails become more brittle, and your hair can start falling out.

7. Food is the greatest pleasure for you.
This is nothing better than enjoying your favorite food, but if you have neither the strength nor the desire for anything else, this is a clear symptom. Tasty food gives us a good dose of endorphins, but if the food has become an addiction for you, things are bad.

8. You have a fear of other people seeing you eat.
If you eat with others, the real test for you is if a disturbing bell starts to ring. As soon as you begin to reflect on what others think about you when you eat, it turns into an obsession that is a serious symptom of eating disorders.

9. You have days of binging
If you eat normally, and then you arrange days when you allow yourself anything and eat like the last time in your life – this is a symptom. This action provokes a sense of guilt, which is accompanied by even more overeating. A person with such a symptom can eat the contents of the refrigerator and then not eat anything for hours, since this is one of the branches of the disorder – compulsive overeating.

An eating disorder is a complex disease that requires treatment. Even if you see the effects are beneficial as you become slimmer, sooner or later it can move into another phase of frustration and turn, for example, into compulsive overeating. Understand, heal and eat when you’re hungry!

Be healthy and eat right!

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