6-wheels amphibious vehicle with hydrojet (year of construction 1980), benzine, 6×6

Véhicules Poncin SA was a French manufacturer of automobiles.

Gilles Poncin founded the company in Tournes in the Ardennes department in 1980 and began producing automobiles in 1981. The brand name was Poncin. Production ended in 1993.

Four-, six- and eight-wheel off-road vehicles and amphibious vehicles were produced. The VP 2000 model had the two-cylinder engine of the Citroën 2 CV with 602 cc displacement and 30 hp. A Renault inboard engine was used for the 4×4 and 6×6 models. There was a choice of a petrol engine with a displacement of 2165 cm³ and 106 hp and a diesel engine with a displacement of 2068 cm³ and 68 hp.

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