The program that presupposes 1000 euro bonus for buying alternative fuel automobiles was launched in Andorra

The program that presupposes financial benefits for buying alternative fuel automobiles or the automobiles with reduced level of CO2 emission was launched in Andorra (Pyrenees).

The Ministry for Economics of the principality promoted this initiative. In the course of the first month of the program, started on March 19, 77 people that have acquired the transport of above mentioned types got 1000 euro bonus. 36 car owners that scrapped their old vehicles for the sake of buying new category engines, have also got the bonuses.

All in all the presupposed budget of the program for the period till November makes up 700 000 euro, though this sum may be increased.

Besides vehicle fleet renovation together with the attainment of higher security coefficient,  the program is also aimed to stimulate the development of automobile industry that was coming through the decay in the result of the global crisis.

In accordance to the Ministry, this program will favor 50% growth of sales in this segment. Financial benefits encompass electric cars and hybrid automobiles with 120 gr of CO2 per km emission level.

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