Equipped with a single cylinder that transmits power to the rear wheels via chains and, as a curiosity, has no clutch and a lever has replaced the steering wheel.

Engine: 1 cylinder
Speed: 20 km/h

A runabout is an American light, open, horse-drawn vehicle with four large wheels that predated the runabout car.

Similar to a buggy, the runabout was used for informal, utilitarian travel or “running about” on errands.

One type was also called a “driving wagon”, made very light in order to be easily hitched by one person, and easily pulled over long distances by a single horse.

A typical example was the light buggy used in the 1890s for daily duties by senior staff of the San Francisco Fire Department.

Runabouts could be either fancy or plain, but not encumbered with fenders, heavy tops or optional accessories that added weight.

Manufacturer: Edgard Allen (USA)

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