All existing social affairs programs in Andorra have been intensified

All existing social affairs programs in Andorra have been intensified

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The Minister of Social Affairs of Andorra (Pyrenees), Víctor Filloy, appeared this Tuesday afternoon to explain the new decree that regulates the flexibility of the requirements to access both benefits for involuntary unemployment and aid for rental housing:

• All existing social affairs programs have been intensified. The goal is for no one to be left out.

• Aid for rental housing (decree 17-4-2020) for people who have lost their jobs, can be processed electronically and its duration is expected until the end of the crisis situation, the aid will be received until the last day of the month in which the end is declared. The criteria for accessing these grants have been simplified:

Residence: 1 year of legal and effective residence.
Source of income: Proof of loss of employment as a result of the health crisis.
Economic limit: 1.3 times the personal LECS or the cohabitation unit.
Maximum rental income amounts: 10% increase in maximum rental income. (Ex.1 person: maximum rent 687.50 € / month)
Property scale: € 35,000
Percentage of collaboration: Priority groups those with – 40% of the monthly income / Other situations – <35% of the monthly income.

Unemployment benefit
• For those salaried people who lost their jobs after 13th March or who were already unemployed before, and the crisis situation does not allow them to find work. It can also accommodate self-employed workers who have ceased their activity due to the permanent closure of the company.

• It is a retroactive benefit that makes the previous requirements more flexible.

• This benefit will be valid until 14 days after the declaration of the end of the health crisis.

• Paid leave to care for children: 27 applications were submitted and 8 were approved.
Children, adolescents and young people.

• Emotion Management Guide: recommendations have been developed that you will find on social media next week to help young people overcome the difficulties of the present situation.

Temporary workers
• In Andorra there are about 4,000 temporary workers, of which about 3,000 are from outside the EU. With the help of the Communs, the needs of these temporary workers are being processed. Caritas supplies food if needed. 70% of these temporary workers have already made themselves available to the Government to carry out voluntary work.

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