All employment programs are maintained and efforts are intensified in programs aimed at the private sector

The Council of Ministers has approved, on Wednesday, the five regulations of employment promotion programs, which in this edition increase efforts directed at the private sector.

Employment promotion programs aim to influence the hiring of people with the greatest difficulties in finding and maintaining a job through subsidies. In addition, the Employment Service establishes with the person a personalized career orientation plan that is complemented by occupational training and competency development workshops.

Thus, people who can benefit, in general, from the programs are young people, people over 45, people who have more than six uninterrupted months of enrollment in the Employment Job Search Service, people in the relation with whom the granting of involuntary unemployment benefits has been resolved while the resolution remains in force, people with disabilities and those who are in a vulnerable situation and have adhered to the specialized guidance route of the Service of Employment.

The approved programs are those that have been in force in recent years: the Program for the promotion of indefinite hiring in the private sector, the Program for the promotion of employment and training in the private sector, the Program for the promotion of recruitment and practical training of active young people aged 16 to 21 within a company, the Program for the improvement of employability through the public sector and the Employment Promotion Program in remote geographical areas.

The main novelties refer to the program for the promotion of indefinite hiring in the private sector, in which the subsidy has increased and has been concentrated in a shorter period of time. In order to standardize the three programs aimed at the private sector, recruitment is organized in two stages: a six-month contract and a second indefinite contract. Thus, the planned subsidy is increased from 250 to 350 euros per month and is granted for a maximum of twelve months, instead of fifteen as was done in the previous editions. The purpose of this measure is to simplify information for business owners and at the same time increase the attractiveness of the program to achieve greater interest on their part, since the total allowable subsidy goes from 3,750 euros to 4,200 euros.

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