Albert Llovera, the only professional motor racing pilot-winner in the world with a disability, competes for the second time in the world championships in Silverstone

Albert Llovera will compete in the Rallycross 2 in Silverstone, U.K. The english circuit will be 0.972 km in which 40% will be on asphalt.

“It’s obvious that it won’t be easy. We are competing in an international level and this adds to the difficulty. We are excited to compete and to get to know the track. It will be a new course for all of the racers. Time is very tight for any major mechanical changes compared to the first visit. There has been in depth reviews of the mechanics after each race. We have also centered our attention on practising the procedure of starting the race to be on point and get the best out of the race”, – states Albert Llovera.

Albert Llovera was born in Andorra in 1966. He grew up in the world of skiing and was competing in the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, aged 17. In 1985 he returned to Sarajevo to take part in the European Ski Cup, during which he, unfortunately, crashed going 100 km/h on the downhill track, suffering severe injuries that left him confined to a wheelchair. Today Albert is world-known as the only professional motor racing pilot-winner in the world with a disability. He is a Bonver team driver, UNISEF and Fiat-Chrysler autonomy ambassador, motivational speaker, and orthopedist of his own orthotic shop in Andorra.

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