The AISA I-115 is a low-wing single-engined military primary trainer with tandem seating, which went into service with the Spanish Air Force in 1956. After retirement in 1976 many were sold to civil operators.

Manufacturer: AISA (Aeronáutica Industrial S.A.)
First flight: 20 June 1952
Introduction: 1956
Retired: 1976
Primary user: Spanish Air Force

Garrapata E 9 version

About 200 I-115s were delivered to the Spanish airforce, 150 by the Spring of 1956; at that time there was an order for another 150. They were initially known as the type EE.6, EE being Escuela Elemental or Primary Training, but when this category was dropped the I-115 became the E.9 (E for – Entrenamiento or Trainer). The E.9 was in service from 1956 to 1976. Despite the long service, there was criticism of its spinning behaviour and its weight: apparently the unofficial nickname Garrapata or Tick was meant to describe the E.9’s reluctance to leave its host, the ground. Most E.9s were powered by the Tigre engine but some late models had the 145 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major engine and others a 190 hp Lycoming O-435-A.

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