Air glider Wassmer 300. Made in 1964 (France).

The WA-30 Bijave is two-seat development of the Wassmer WA-21 Javelot II and the first Bijave flew on 17 December 1958 from Issoire Aerodrome.

The Bijave is a cantilever shoulder-wing monoplane with a welded steel tube fuselage covered with fabric and reinforced plastic. The wing is made from wood, covered in birch forward of the spar and fabric to the rear, it has no flaps but is fitted with retractable perforated wooden airbrakes. The pilot and passenger sit in tandem in an enclosed cockpit with individual transparent canopies. The landing gear is a fixed monowheel, a wooden rubber-sprung skid under the nose and a steel tailskid.

Max. speed 200 km/h.

Wassmer was a French specialized woodworking company formed by Bernard Wassmer in 1905. It later became an aircraft manufacturer specializing in gliders. It was bought out by Issoire Aviation, a subsidiary of Siren, in 1978.

The company entered into aircraft production in 1955 when it produced under licence a batch of Jodel D.112 two-seater aircraft at its factory at Issoire. The company also produced the single-seat WA-20 and two-seat WA-30 gliders. In 1959 the company produced the WA-40 Super IV a four-seat touring aircraft.

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