Aerography: cars and motorcycles

What is airbrushing? This activity is used in a variety of paintings, drawings, and images (both color and black and white) on any surface and mainly metal and plastic materials if we are talking about a car. However, airbrushing is associated with brightly painted fences and house walls, which hooligans “spoil” at night (as some believe).

It is not at all true. Professional aerography is a real art, which consists in applying special paint to a surface with a special air spray gun.

At a time when everybody disputes, what is a car, ordinary transport or luxury property, professional airbrush artists turn their clients’ cars into a luxurious work of art.

Airbrushing on automobiles makes your car individual and recognizable. This car attracts the eyes of passers-by and other drivers. Of course, if you want to stand out from the gray mass of single-faced cars, then airbrushing is what you need!

However, it is necessary to apply for a detailed type of service after a thorough market study.

Typically, professional companies that provide this type of service have lots of equipment for such purposes at their disposal, including the latest updates in computer software, legal copies of which cost several hundred or even thousands of euros. Such companies can work not only with car body surfaces; their equipment allows painting on trucks, vans, motorcycles, or even motorcycle helmets. If a company representative says that it is impossible to paint an object due to technical difficulties, it is better not to continue the project with that company.

How to prepare a car for airbrushing? There are several important steps to take:

• First, the top glossy layer of paint is removed from the car’s surface. This is done to ensure that the applied paint adheres better to your car color.
• Parts of the car body on which there will be no work are sealed with a special protective film.
• Next, the drawing is applied directly.

Application Technique: What and How?

Which tool is used to apply the airbrushing to a surface? The main working tool is the aerograph, whose name is the “airbrush” too. The artists paint a picture on the surface with it. Thanks to the ability to adjust the width of the jet, the airbrush allows you to apply strokes and lines of various thickness and configuration. That is why a skilled master is able to achieve very realistic drawings. No technology has achieved such high results in the application of images on the car, as airbrushing has.

Which surfaces can one cover with airbrushing? Most images are on metal and plastic. Although people use these creative techniques in wall paintings or woodwork, the airbrush technology on a car is significantly different.

The work will usually cost you from 500-700 euros, without taking into account the price of the sketch, which in turn will cost you around 200 euros. This is logical to calculate the final amount on a case by case basis, as the individual price depends on many factors: the paint type and color, paint volume, surface area, surface relief, and many others.

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