The Main Admiralty in St. Petersburg

The building of the Main Admiralty is a complex of Admiralty buildings in St. Petersburg on the 2nd Admiralty Island, located on the banks of the Neva River, a significant architectural monument of Russian classicism. Originally built as a shipyard, it was rebuilt in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Since 1718, the Admiralty Board was located here (since 1827 – the Admiralty Council), in 1709-1939 – the Model Chamber (since 1805 – the Maritime Museum). Since 2012, the Main Command of the Russian Navy has been located here.

The ship on the spire of the building is regarded as one of the historical symbols of the city along with the Bronze Horseman and the angel on the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The Admiralty needle is depicted on the medal “For the Defense of Leningrad”.

It is most likely that the battleship Ingermanland, the most modern at that time and the most beloved warship of Peter I, built in 1712-1715 and sailing under the standard of Peter I, became the prototype of the ship on the spire of the Admiralty.

The construction of sailing ships at the Admiralty shipyard continued until 1844. In the future, only the institutions of the fleet remained in the building: the Naval Ministry, the Main Naval Headquarters, the Main Hydrographic Department, the Admiralty Cathedral. In 1709-1939 it housed the Naval Museum.

The last architectural design of the building dates back to 1806, when the architect Andreyan Zakharov proposed his project. The fortifications near the shipyard were destroyed, and a boulevard was laid out in their place (now the Alexander Garden is located on this site).

Having retained the configuration of the plan of the already existing building, Zakharov planned a new, grandiose structure. Rebuilding the old building erected by I.K. Korobov, Zakharov carefully preserved the idea of ​​Peter the Great’s time – a gilded spire with a shop.

The main facade of the U-shaped building stretched for 407 meters in line with the Winter Palace, the side facades – for 140 meters.

Access inside the complex of buildings of the Admiralty is prohibited, Alexander Garden and Admiralteyskaya Embankment are available for tourists to walk.

Address: Admiralteisky proezd, 1. The nearest metro: Admiralteyskaya station – 740 m

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