Admiralty embankment

Admiralty embankment (in 1918-January 13, 1944 – “Roshal embankment”) is an embankment in the Admiralteisky district of St. Petersburg.

Passes along the left bank of the Bolshaya Neva River and the 2nd Admiralteysky Island. It starts from the intersection of Palace Passage with Palace Embankment and Palace Bridge, ends with Senate Square. To the west it goes to the English Embankment.

From the moment the city was built in 1703 and the Admiralty in 1704, this part of the bank of the big Neva was used as an outlet to the river by the Admiralty shipyard. Through these “river gates” raw materials were supplied, and built ships started their service.

The embankment was created when, in 1844, all shipbuilding work was transferred to the galley harbor, and in connection with this, all canals and basins on its territory were filled up.

The embankment is quite short – only 414 meters, there are only 8 houses along the embankment.

Among main sights:

The first and last houses (No. 2 and No. 16) on this embankment are the wings of the Admiralty (1823, architect A. D. Zakharov).

Nearest metro: Admiralteyskaya, Gostiny Dvor, Nevsky Prospekt

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