Adamini House in St. Petersburg

The Adamini House is a building in St. Petersburg (Central District) on the corner of the Field of Mars and the embankment of the Moyka River (where Griboyedov Canal originates, in front of the Tripartite Bridge), an architectural monument of federal significance.

The southernmost of the buildings of the quarter on the western border of the Champ de Mars. By the name of the founder of the merchant Antonov, the building is sometimes called the Antonov House, and the generally recognized name of the Adamini House was received from the name of its architect, Domenico Adamini.

The three-story tenement house was built on a trapezoidal plot bought by Antonov from Stepan Apraksin’s family. The larger base of the trapezoid overlooks the Field of Mars, the smaller one – to Aptekarsky Lane. Facing the Field of Mars (east) and the Moyka Embankment (south), the facades of the building are decorated with central projections, the second and third floors of which are decorated with eight-column porticos.

The southern façade closes the perspective of the Griboyedov Canal from Nevsky Prospekt, the view was partially blocked after the construction of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. The southeast corner of the building is rounded, the 2 upper floors are decorated with pilasters. A magnificent stucco frieze runs along the perimeter of the building, with griffins on the porticos and the southeast corner. Antonov planned to use the first floor of the southern facade for trade, and therefore it was decorated with an arcade.

One of the first inhabitants of the house was the scientist Pavel Schilling. In it, he invented an electromagnetic telegraph, which he demonstrated here to the interested public, including Nicholas I. The transmitting and receiving devices of the telegraph were located at different ends of the house.

Style: Empire
Date of construction: 1823
Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, embankment of the river Moyka, 1/8

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