According to the World Bank, Andorra is one of top five OECD members in accordance to “political stability” and “the absence of criminal” criteria

In accordance to the World Bank report the year of 2013 showed that among 34 OECD members (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Andorra (Pyrenees) takes 5th position  in accordance to “political stability” and “the absence of criminal” criteria. Thus, Andorra gives way only to New Zealand (1,45 index), Switzerland (1,37), France and Finland (with the same index of 1,36). The index of Andorra is 1,32. Andorra is prior in the rate to such countries as Sweden (1,13), Denmark (0,95), and Germany (0,93). Neighboring Spain occupies 31th position (0,01).

The report also mentions that in accordance to such criteria as “the democracy of the society”, “the effectiveness of governmental work” and “the quality of statutory conditions” Andorra takes 14th place. At that, as per the first criterion, the rate of Andorra fell down by 1 step in comparison to 2012. As per the second one, vice versa, it increased by 2 steps. Thus, Andorra with its effectiveness of governmental work is ahead of the USA (1,51) and Japan (1,40) but still gave way to Finland (2,21), Denmark (1,97) and Sweden (1,94).

As per the third criterion, in spite of 3 step rate fall in comparison to 2012, the level of Andorran statutory conditions is equal to the German one (the obtained index is 1,55). The rate of the Principality goes ahead of the rates of Austria (1,48), USA (1,26) and Japan (1,10).

In accordance to “civil law” criterion Andorra takes 17th position with the index of 1,43. Neighboring France occupies 20th position, Spain—24th (1,00).

The rate of Andorra by “corruption” criterion also increased in comparison to the year of 2012. Thus, the Principality now takes 20th position (1,29 index). The countries that get higher score for this criterion are Denmark (2,41), New Zealand (2,35) and Sweden (2,29). At that, Andorra goes ahead of France (1,30) and Spain (0,81).

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