According to the social research, the most influential party of Andorra is a party of democrats

A social research of public opinion on the political life of Andorra (Pyrenees) has been completed. The study was conducted from June 4 to 21, 2018 by telephone. The respondents are from 18 years old (406 respondents have Andorran nationality and 403 respondents have other nationalities).

According to the research, 11% respondents are very interested in politics, 39% – are interested, 33% have little interest, and 17% are not interested in politics.

It has been revealed that people with a higher education level are more interested in politics than people with a primary or secondary education. Sex, age and occupation did not significantly influence.

Among the respondents of the Andorran nationality 4% do not know who is Antoni Martí Petit (the Prime Minister of the country).

Respondents with Andorran nationality trust Andorran politicians at 4.96 points (scale of one to ten). The confidence level is highest among 55-year-old respondents.

The political power of the Democratic Party of Andorra (Démocratès par Andorre, DA) is estimated at 4.7 points (scale of one to ten), the Liberal Party (Parti libéral d’Andorre, LDA) – 4.55 points, the Social Democrat Party (Partit Socialdemócrata , PS) – 4.9 points, the Social Democrat and Progress Party – 4.57 points.

21.5% of people support the PS, 17% – the DA, 12% – the LDA, 4% – the Social Democracy and Progress Party and 1% – the Green Party (Verds of Andorra). Almost 26% of respondents did not feel sympathy with any political party, 11% were undecided, 5% did not respond.

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