About 900 people took part in the SKIMO-2019 competition in Andorra on February 23 and 24

About 900 people took part in the SKIMO-2019 competition in Andorra (Pyrenees) on February 23 and 24

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La Sportiva Andorra Skimo – a two-day alpine skiing competition – ended today in Andorra in which four routes were available to take part in Skimo2, Skimo4, Skimo6 and Skimo 10.

The Alcalde-Alís team (total time 7:18:07) won the most difficult two-day Skimo 10 competition with a distance of 70 kilometers and a height difference of 5000 meters. In second place with a difference of only 7 seconds was the team, Scarpa (7:18:14), and in third place came the team, La Sportiva (7:29:22).

Interview with the director of Andorra SKIMO, Joan Turne

Jordi Alís and Antonio Alcalde – 1st place.

Skimo10 is a route passing by 10 mountain shelters. The first stage is the Skimo6 route, the second stage is the transition from Grau Roig to Arcalis which contains many technical difficulties.

Skimo4 is a competition that began in Grau Roig and ended in Arcalis. The distance was 40 km with an elevation difference of 3000 meters. The route crossed 4 mountain shelters.

Skimo 2 – a competition for young people under 18 years. The distance of the route is 14 km, the elevation difference is 1050 meters.

Anyone can participate in the competition, but you must have a license from the Federation of Alpine Skiing, however, if it is not there, participants can buy one-day insurance.

Prize and award time: Skimo-2, Skimo-4 and Skimo-10 winners

The winners of the men’s Skimo10 teams: Jordi Alís and Antonio Alcalde (1st place), Xavi Areny and Iñigo Martinez (2nd place), Pere Rutllan and Miguel Cabireo (3rd place).

The winners of the mixed teams Skimo10: 1-Jordi Solé and Maria Fargues; 2-Lorena Ledesma and Marc Vila, 3- Josep Ferrer and Silvia Puigarnau.

Winners of women’s teams Skimo10: 1- Marta Riba and Sophie Dusauoir, 2- Claudia Sabata, Fatima De Diego and Maria Illa, 3-Queralt Riba and Sabrina Solana.


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