About 650 sportsmen will participate in the competitions of Skimo 6 and Skimo 10 in Andorra on 24-25 February

Today in Andorra, a press conference was held on the eve of the competitions of Andorra Skimo 6 and Andorra Skimo 10.

The competition will take place on 24-25 February, 2018. This year for the first time it is going to be two stages: on the itinerary of the previous year, Skimo6 (from La Rabassa to Grau Roach, 30 km, height difference – 2000 m) and Skimo10 – it is a more complex itinerary, proposed for very well-trained skiers. It starts from Grau Roach and finishes at Arkalis. The distance is 40 km, height difference – 5000 m.

This year around 650 athletes will take part in the competition.

According to the organizer of the competition, Gerard Riart, there are 270 teams: for Skimo 6 – 133 teams (305 people) and for Skimo 10 – 141 team (319 people). “Every year the number of those who want to participate increases, this year the sportsmen form five countries will take part in the competition.”

Course Director, Joan Turné, suggested that the competition can not be held as it is planed because of the complicated meteorological conditions. If on Saturday the course is canceled, on Sunday the participants will be offered an easier itinerary of Scimo 6.

The organizers also announced that in 2019 will be added a new competition – a summer race on similar itineraries.

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