Abandoned in the jungle 1939 Rosengart Super traction

Abandoned 1939 Rosengart Super traction in Malaga museum (Spain

This vehicle invaded by nature represents the idea that the destruction caused by humans is not irreversible. Nature always ends up appropriating the space that eas formerly occupied by human beings. The dream of a greener and cleaner planet is not yet lost!

Lucien Rosengart (1881 – 1976) was a gifted engineer and businessman who had established a successful engineering business by the time he was 24. In the mid-1920s, he saw the opportunity to produce a very small car for a segment of the market in France that he believed was not being properly covered by any of the major players.

In 1923 he purchased a license to build the English Austin 7 and with support from the engineer Jules Salomon he purchased the old Bellanger factory in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The site was a large one and in the early years the business appeared set to fill it.

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