A77 Mk III R-Player Studer-Revox from 1971

ReVox (on-logo styling REVOX) is a brand name, registered by Studer on 27 March 1951 for Swiss audio equipment.

The first Studer-designed tape recorders were branded Dynavox. After the first production series of Dynavox recorders, a new marketing company was formed in 1950 called ELA AG. Revox was adopted as the brand name for amateur recorders, while the professional machines retained the Studer name.

The first Revox-branded tape recorder was the T26, in 1952, successor to the Dynavox 100.

The T26 was also made available as a radio-recorder combination unit. 2500 T26 recorders were made, priced at 1395.00 Swiss francs.

The A36, the first 36 series recorder. became available in 1954. Unusual features for the time were pushbutton solenoid transport operations and a direct-drive capstan with no belts or idler wheels. The B36 of 1956 was the first 3-head model, the D36 of 1960 was the first stereo model.

Many consider ReVox open-reel tape recorders to be high-end audio equipment. The most famous of these are the G36 (valve type), A77 (solid state with relay controls) and B77 (solid state with logic control and direct-drive). The A700 was the top-of-the-line 1970s machine with 3-speed quartz PLL capstan, or, like the B77 which appeared in 1979, variable tape speed from 2.5 to 22.5 inches per second. Pictured to the right is the PR99 Mk2, a variant of the B77 for professional users, differing from the B77 in having balanced line in/out, and a real-time counter and auto-locator. The PR99 series was superseded by the C270 series, available also in multi-track formats (C274, C278).

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