BA-64B (БА-64Б)

The BA-64 was a Soviet four-wheeled armoured scout car. Built on the chassis of a GAZ-64 or GAZ-67 jeep, it incorporated a hull loosely modeled after that of the Kfz.221. The BA-64 was developed between July and November 1941 to replace the BA-20 then in service with armoured car units of the Red Army.

The BA-64B was a standard production model from 1943 to 1946, built on the chassis of a GAZ-67B jeep and incorporating a new carburetor, air intakes, and firing ports. It was armed with a single DT machine gun in an open-topped turret.

Made in the USSR in 1943

Crew: 2 persons

Armor: 5-12 mm

Engine: 4 cylinders

Power: 50 HP

Max. speed: 80 km/h

Weight: 2420 kg

Armament: chain gun DT (7.62 mm)

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