T-20 (Комсомолец)

The T-20 tractor was used by the Red Army during the Winter War and during World War II. During Operation Barbarossa, some T-20 tractors were used as armored fighting vehicles, though after 1941 they were used only as artillery tractors.

Romania had captured 36 T-20 tractors by 1 November 1941. During the spring and summer of 1943, all but two of these were refurbished by the Romanians.

Because these vehicles were based on an agricultural tractor of which very large numbers had been captured in Transnistria, and because their GAZ-type engines were familiar to the Romanians and spares were available, the tractors’ overhaul and maintenance were simple tasks.

In early 1944 they were fitted with hooks which enabled them to tow the 50 mm Pak 38 anti-tank gun. The 34 tractors were subsequently issued to the 5th and 14th Infantry Divisions, the 2nd Armoured Regiment and the 5th Cavalry Division. All were apparently lost during the subsequent battles or confiscated by the Soviets after the 23 August coup.

Although the Komsomolets T-20 armored tractor was designed as a prime mover, some vehicles were used in combat during 1941. The tractor was employed as a tankette.

Made in the USSR in 1939

Production : 7780

Armor: 7-10 mm

Engine: 4 cylinders

Power: 54 HP

Max. speed: 50 km/h

Weight: 3500 kg

Armament: chain gun DT (7.62 mm)

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