A Soviet armored personnel railroad carrier BTR-40. Developed in 1949. Crew – 2, combat team – 8, armament – 7.62 SGMB machine gun, armor – 7-15 mm, speed: 78 km/h (ground); 65 km/h (rails), power – 78 HP 

The BTR-40 is a Soviet non-amphibious, wheeled armoured personnel carrier and reconnaissance vehicle. It is often referred to as the Sorokovka in Soviet service.

It is also the first mass-produced Soviet APC. It was eventually replaced in the APC role by the BTR-152 and in the scout car role by the BRDM-1.

The BTR-40’s design was based on the GAZ-63 four wheel drive truck which went into production in 1946. The design featured a self-bearing body which was a new feature in Soviet vehicles. The hull has two side doors for the commander and driver and a back door. The vehicle can transport up to eight fully equipped soldiers or 1 tonne of cargo.

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