A. S. Pushkin Library in Moscow

The A. S. Pushkin Library (since 2014 – the A. S. Pushkin Library-Reading Room) is a city library of Moscow. It is located in the former estate of the Mukhins, built at the beginning of the 19th century.

The Library was founded by the decision of the Moscow City Duma in 1899 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet. The opening took place on May 2, 1900 in the house of E. A. Bogacheva on Nemetskaya Street (now Baumanskaya). In 1912, the mansion of the heirs of F. D. Mukhin on Yelokhovskaya Square was purchased for the library, in which the library is located to this day.

The book fund of the library has about 240 thousand copies of publications in various fields of knowledge. Its structure includes a variety of departments: information and bibliographic, sheet music, department of acquisition and processing, department of periodicals, subscriptions of books in Russian and foreign languages, as well as reading rooms, one of which bears the name of Pushkin. Every year the library serves 13 thousand readers, the number of visits is 280 thousand.

The library hosts free concerts, meetings with writers, tours of the library building, hobby groups and clubs, and the library history hall.

The building was the main typical house of the city estate in the XVIII-XIX centuries .

The first owner of the estate was Timofey Ivanovich Chongzhin (1722–1803).

In the future, the House changed owners several times. In 1854, the mansion was acquired by Nikolai Fedorovich Mamontov, and from that time one of the most remarkable periods in the life of our House began.

In 1856–1857, under N.F. Mamontov, the western and eastern buildings are being designed, limiting the front yard, the decorative design of the interiors is changing. The house acquires the appearance that can still be admired today: a mansion designed in the style of Russian pseudo-baroque with a portico, columns and two outbuildings. Quite a lot has been preserved to our time: artificial marble walls, figured panels, stucco decorations, marble fireplaces. At the same time, balconies decorated with cast-iron script, lanterns, and a beautiful three-flight cast-iron staircase leading from the lobby to the second floor appeared.

The last owners of the House were the Mukhin’s family merchants (from 1882 to 1911), who traded flour and bread.

Address: Spartakovskaya Street, 9.

Metro: Krasnye Vorota, Baumanskaya.

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