A new point of manual meteorological observation in the Plaza del Telecabina de Canillo installed

photo: govern

The National Meteorological Service, in collaboration with Punt Jove de Canillo, has installed a new point of manual meteorological observation in the Plaza del Telecabina de Canillo. The objective is that the youth of the parish can take measurements and collect data to study meteorological phenomena.

The collaboration between the two entities began in 2016, with a meteorological workshop offered by the Meteorological Service at Punt Jove in the parish. The interest of children and young people in the activity and in atmospheric science has led to the participation of children between 9 and 15 years old in the collection of meteorological data.

Thus, from November 5th data will be taken on the maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation in liquid form and the new snow thickness fall during 24 hours.

In order to understand the operation of the installation, the Meteorological Service technicians explained to the children at Punt Jove de Canillo the methodology for taking this data. They have also explained the importance of being constant and careful when registering to be able to have a reliable information.

With the data obtained, the youth of the parish of Canillo can study the effects of the meteorological phenomena of the territory and make monthly, quarterly and annual statistics. Both the daily data and the analysis can be consulted at the Punt Jove del Comú de Canillo, at the Plaça de la Telecabina, and also through the social networks of the two entities.

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