The government have allowed 96 chamois (rupicapra) to be killed during a week of hunting in Andorra

The Government of Andorra has approved a plan for hunting chamois (rupicapra) this fall. Hunting Andorra (Pyrenees) will take place from 16th to 23d September. Each group of six hunters will be allowed to catch only one animal. Meaning, the restriction for the hunting week is 96 chamois.

Among some of the hunting locations are Xixerella, Sorteny and Ransol.

Last year, hunting for chamois in Andorra was held from 10th to 17th September. The sanctioned volume for the week was 143 animals, however, 117 animals were actually killed. Three violations of the rules of hunting were recorded. Violators were fined and stripped of their hunting licenses for three seasons.

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