81-540.2/541.2 “Alien”: electric multiple unit train from the Saint Petersburg Metro

81-540.2/541.2 (81-717.5P) “Nomernoy”

81-540.2/541.2 is a type of electric metro cars created at the Vagonmash plant in St. Petersburg. They are an improved version of cars 81-717/714 and 81-540/541, which allows the car to make less noise at high speed. The head cars are designated 81-540.2, and the intermediate cars are designated 81-541.2. Due to the shape of the frontal part, it received the unofficial name “Alien”.

81-540.2 is the first car in the St. Petersburg metro with a solid windshield. Under the windshield on the left and right there is a block of two headlights. The color of the cars changed noticeably during production, but in general it is standard for the St. Petersburg metro – a plain blue body with a white horizontal stripe.

The interior is trimmed with white plastic. The interior floor is blue. The seats are six-seater with blue seating areas. Fluorescent lamps are used for lighting in the carriages (11 pieces per carriage).

From 2012 to 2014, production of this model (with minor changes, mainly related to the type of passenger compartment) for the St. Petersburg metro was mastered at OEVRZ under the index 81-717.5P/714.5P.


A control panel manufactured by Metroengineering LLC is installed in the driver’s cab. The cars are equipped with an ALS-ARS speed control system, as well as a PA-M automatic steering system. The modification for Kyev is distinguished by the absence of automatic steering, and the controls are simplified and unified with the “number ones”.

Assembly: Vagonmash (Russia)

Years of production: 2006—2013

Production: 19 units (total: 103 wagons)

Car length: 19,210 mm

Width: 2712 mm

Height: 3650 mm

Track gauge: 1520 mm

Type of current and voltage: 750 V DC

Output power: 4× 110 kW

Max speed: 90 km/h

Weight (one railcar): 33 t

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