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REMEMBER: if you feel slightly unwell call your GP. If you feel really unwell call 116.

They will send someone out to assess you. What you must not do is go to a health centre or the hospital.


· The Minister of Health, Martínez Benazet, is in quarantine due to being a contact. His test result was negative. He is staying at home as an extra precaution.

· He says there are cases under investigation at El Cedre and they are concerned that the outbreak may “be larger”.

· Some El Cedre residents have been transferred to a hotel to be taken care of by Social Affairs workers and Red Cross staff.

· Martínez Benazet said the Government, together with SAAS (Servei Andorrà d’Atenció Sanitària) have worked out a contingence plan so they can act swiftly in any situation caused by Covid-19.

· According to a study mentioned by the Minister of Health, surgical masks protect one as much as the respirator, FPP2 ones.

· He explained again that, despite assurances that the 50,000 masks ordered from abroad by health care would arrive on time, there had been difficulties between the Spanish and Andorran governments but he expected these to be resolved in the next 24 or 48 hours.

· The Government advises people not to use home-made masks as they give a false sense of protection and are not effective.


75 cases in total (22 more than yesterday) of whom

60 are at home due to light symptoms

10 are in hospital

2 in ICU (stable but breathing-assisted)

2 in El Cedre retired people’s home (4 more have symptoms and are awaiting their test results.)

1 is healthy again

There are a few hundred people in quarantine waiting for their test results. In the next few days numbers are expected to grow rapidly for which Martínez Benezat says we have to be prepared.


· Spokesman, Eric Jover, advised that the Government is working on laws to activate a State of Alert and a State of Emergency in accordance with Article 42 of the Constitution. This would allow them to requisition material, introduce food rationing and to limit traffic circulation.

· The Government is pleased with the decline in traffic:

Internal traffic is down 78%

Traffic at the southern border down 93%

Traffic at the northern border down 90%

Eric Jover encouraged all citizens to continue this downward trend. In order to contain the contagion, we must avoid driving if it is not urgent and essential. Stay at Home.

· The Government is providing a form for seasonal workers to fill in to help the government know their different problems and to support them. The form will be available today on the Government’s website https://t.co/cD2RJASSmZ so that those interested can download it, fill in their details and send it to the email [email protected] or the specially created address [email protected]

· The Government is working with the private sector to guarantee workers’ salaries and thus their ability to pay for their rent and food.

· Eric Jover said, “We want to provide companies with all the necessary elements to ensure that they maintain their employees and their salaries. If we do this, we will not need to activate measures for rents.”

· The restrictions on sales of alcohol and tobacco have been lifted.

· The omnibus law to help the private sector will be ready in a couple of days.

· The Andorran and Spanish governments are working together to get merchandise across the border and into Andorra.


· The board of Ampaea (the Andorran School Parents’ Association) has agreed not to charge for school canteens during the time that they are closed due to C19.

· Those families that had been benefiting from school-lunch aid will continue to receive some of it.

· At a press briefing, Eric Jover said that he had received more than a hundred requests for the necessary materials to enable children to carry on their lessons at home. 86 iPads will be given out and 28 internet connections will be provided

TWEETS from the Comuns

· All the comun’s hygiene departments have been out with powerful disinfecting cannons cleaning the streets and the street furniture.


· Will be carrying out disinfectant cleaning on the public roads between today and tomorrow. The thorough cleaning of garbage containers in Pas de la Casa has also begun and will then take place in Encamp


· The Ordino Sports Centre has put cycling on line.


· La Capsa has put its activities online.


· I am on the Andorra la Vella Town Council, and I ask you politely to follow our guidelines. Now is not the time to throw old furniture in the streets because we have closed the dumpsters.

· This morning the hygiene staff cleaned all the Pipicans in the parish. We trust and hope that they will continue to be clean for the good of all.


· Thanks to all the volunteers and workers who demonstrate every day that we have a magnificent network of citizen collaboration.

· Useful phone numbers.

Red Cross for the vulnerable: 880 393

Food bank: 806 111

College of Psychologists: 809 031


· We are receiving a lot of food donations for hospital staff. We thank you very much for your solidarity, but for your security, we ask that you avoid visits to Nostra Señora de Meritxell Hospital and the Emergency Service area to prevent spreading contagion.


· Every evening at 8pm on the dot, the people of Andorra are opening their windows or stepping out onto their balconies to applaud the magnificent work of our health workers, a number of whom are now suffering from the virus. In reply SAAS sent this tweet.

SAAS Tweet

We want to thank you for all the support we have received as professionals

We applaud you for staying at home.

· No French tourists are allowed across the border.


· The programme, “Physical Fitness for the Elderly” has changed its viewing hours. Now it can be followed on ATV at 11h and 17.45h. This is a series of videos, instigated by the Escaldes llar or Seniors’ day centre to help them spend their Coronavirus Days at home without losing shape. It’s fun. Invite your older friends and relatives to join in.


Thanks to Glen for these two excellent links. His comments accompany them.

· One of the best sources for understanding what is unfolding as it unfolds: https://necsi.edu/2019-ncov-outbreak-updates (New England Complex Systems Institute).

· The single most informative article I have yet seen: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca(Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now) Also has links to translations in 28 other languages at the bottom of article.

(This man is a communicating genius. No wonder 24 million people have viewed this. C.A.)

If you have found this Update useful, please show solidarity with the work involved


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