60 Membership Units in USCIM Fund XXI (“Fund XXI”), a pooled investment vehicle, on a “best efforts” basis


Offering:  60 Membership Units in USCIM Fund XXI (“Fund XXI”), a pooled investment vehicle, on a “best efforts” basis. The Fund XXI will be managed by San Francisco-based asset management firm US Capital Investment Management, LLC (“Manager”), investing in Preferred Stock (“Company”). The Company will use the new financing for sales and marketing, research & software development, customer success/acquisition and working capital for current and future business needs.


Company operates a large online professional network, comprised of over 300,000 individuals who make themselves available to consult on demand. The Company uses its proprietary technology to deliver “expertise as a service” to decision-makers at Fortune 1000 companies through a variety of different types of knowledge-sharing and consulting interactions. Companies’ clientele spans many industries and includes global leaders in technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial products. The Company offers a subscription-based Enterprise SaaS Knowledge Management solution built on a proven and scalable technology platform and is now looking to scale its model globally. Company is based in San Francisco, CA.

The Platform

Company operates a cloud-based enterprise software-as-a-service platform that empowers Fortune 500 Companies to build, control and manage private knowledge communities and to access a broad base of external providers of professional expertise. Participants vary from entry level to C-level employees within a wide range of verticals and geographies whose knowledge is gathered and accumulated through Companies’ consulting capabilities:

-Double-Blind Electronic Surveys: Tailored unbiased surveys for ideation and landscaping. Written answers provided by highly targeted and qualified users.
-Telephone Consultations: Private conversations to generate value-add insights on specific topics.
-Virtual Ideation Panels: Virtual discussions combining fundamentals like surveying, brainstorming, and online chatting to reach group consensus.

Extended Consulting
-Workshop & Seminars: On demand, customized education (professional training to individuals or groups on relevant topics).
-Research & Analysis: Reports, models, analysis and recommendations.
-In-Person Engagements: Project definition and execution. Combining deep expertise with undivided attention, yielding solutions to critical challenges.

Companies base consists of large, well-known, primarily Fortune 500 international manufacturers, industrial companies, conglomerates and pharmaceutical companies. The Company’s top 5 customers based on last twelve-month revenue are:
-General Electric
-Johnson & Johnson
-US Capital Investment Management

Revenue Model

Companies’ business model is a straight SaaS-based approached that generates a highly recurring revenue stream. Approximately 99% of revenue comes from long-term subscription packages ranging in duration from 6-18 months (most commonly 12 months). The Company uses a straight line revenue recognition approach for all its contracts, recognizing revenue each month based on the dollar value of the contract divided by its term in months. Customers usually pay in advance to a max. of 90 days, average cash collection cycle is 50 days.

Value Proposition
The strength of Companies’ core product and services positioning comes from its effectiveness in the extraction and retention of both internal and external advanced knowledge while allowing a successful transfer of such knowledge through different verticals, providing additional financial profits to its participants.


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