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All numbers are compared with two days ago

108 active cases – 27 less

0 new cases – 2 less

12 people in hospital – 1 more. 10 on the ward – 2 more. 2 in ICU (on mechanical ventilators) – the same.

17 in the residencia El Cedre (7 from other residencies.) – 13 less

96 people isolated at home – 28 less. 2 amongst special services – 2 less 27 amongst health professionals – 1 less. 604 recovered – 28 more.

49 deceased – the same. 761 Pandemic cases in total (The results from the antibody screening have not been added yet.)


· Mass screening: The first round of antibody tests was performed on 69,661 people, of which 1,334 were health professionals and 68,327 the rest of the population. After the tests, 872 PCRs were performed, of which 38 were positive and 133 are still awaiting results.

· At the end of the first round the results show that 9.4% of the population has had the disease and has generated antibodies. In terms of health professionals, 11.99% of the screened have had the disease There are some cases of people who have had the disease and have not generated antibodies.

· Not everyone that had the disease developed IgG + immunity.

· A population screening is not a single test, it is a set of tests (in the case of Andorra: 2 tests + medical interpretation + complementary PCR tests).

· This is a very large organisational challenge and there have been difficulties. The Government apologized to all citizens who have experienced delays in contacting their GPs or in taking subsequent tests.

· 1,550 people (community workers, volunteers, health professionals, scientists and GPs) were thanked for making possible this population screening.

· 1,109 cross-borderers have been contacted so that their tests can be performed. Those who have not been contacted and want to take the test can call 875 610 to request an appointment.

· Of the almost 70,000 screened, 89% tested negative for both IgG and IgM.

· If someone who has not had the first test, now wants to take it, they should contact their comú. They can then have their first test during the upcoming second testing and then wait for 14 days before having their own second test individually.

· The second round began yesterday with the special services. Tomorrow, tests will begin for volunteers and their families and on Monday for the rest of the population.

· Why is it necessary to do this second round? In order to have the real picture of the situation in the country, to increase the sensitivity of the tests and to know the prevalence of the virus in the population. It will also be important to know the rate of infection of the virus with the current conditions of relaxation of confinement.

· The tests have given very good results in terms of reliability, asymptomatic cases have been detected that would not otherwise have been seen and would have caused contagion. In Wuhan, China, 11 million people are being screened to study a regrowth they have and using the same type of test we have in Andorra.

· Once the second round is over, a protocol will be established to screen sensitive population groups and prevent possible regrowth.

· We are working on a tool that will let you know via mobile if you have been close or in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19. It will work with ephemeral codes that will preserve data and anonymity.

· Protective equipment: The use of gloves on the street is useless, they accumulate dirt, they should only be used in cases where they are necessary such as sanitary environments or food handling. Masks should be worn and the mouth and nose should be covered. They should also be used when doing sports. Only when you are in a space away from everyone can you take off your mask.

· The first focus of infection in Andorra was in a test of sports people. This shows us that we can be in very good health and yet be carriers of the virus and therefore contagious.

· There will be no press conference over the weekend. The next one will take place on Monday, 18th May.

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