#57 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 17h on Monday, 11th May 2020


151 active cases – 10 less than yesterday.

1 new case – 1 less than yesterday. 10 people in hospital, – 1 less than yesterday, 7 on the wards – 1 less than yesterday, 3 in ICU (2 with mechanical ventilators – 1 less than yesterday) 141 isolated at home – 9 less than yesterday.

4 amongst the special services – the same as yesterday.

31 amongst the health professionals – 1 more than yesterday. 557 have recovered – 12 more than yesterday. 48 are deceased – the same as yesterday. 756 Pandemic cases in total (The results from the antibody screening have not been added yet.)


Present at yesterday’s press conference were: Cap de Govern: Xavier Espot, and Minister of Health, Joan Martínez Benazet.

· Screening: The first round of the population’s antibody study ends on Wednesday. To date, 66,324 people have registered, 56,635 tests have been performed, 46,565 text messages have been sent and 229 post-test PCRs have been performed (20 of them positive). If someone has not registered, they can still do so through the corresponding comuns and they will be able to carry out the tests in the control area set up in Andorra la Vella. Cross-border calls can be made by calling 875 610.

· At the same time, the second round starts this Wednesday: In the fire station for medical, social and special personnel. On Sunday it will start with volunteers in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes Engordany and on Monday at all checkpoints in the rest of the population in general. Make sure you remember your appointment (given to you when you made your first appointment.)


A reminder: IgG = longer term antibodies for Covid-19

IgM = a very recent encounter with Covid-19

· IgM- / IgG- : 90% (37.241 persones)

· IgM- / IgG+; 1.26% (515 persones)

· IgM+ / IgG-: 5.41% (2.216 persones)

· IgM+ / IgG+: 2.38% (974 persones)

9.04% of those screened have had the disease (+ IgG: 3.64%; + IgM: 7.78%).


· Solidarity fund: Don’t forget, every little helps. One mobile text message to 828 Ajuda will cost you 2€ and yet, with well over 25,000 of us doing it, we’re putting well over €50,000+ into the country’s coffers each day.

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