168 active cases – 11 less than yesterday.

0 new cases

13 in hospital – 1 less than yesterday. 8 on the ward (5 in the ICU, with 4 on mechanical ventilation).

20 elderly cases in El Cedre: (6 from Salita).

4 cases amongst special services – 1 less than yesterday.

30 cases amongst healthcare professionals – the same as yesterday.

155 cases isolated at home – 10 less than yesterday.

537 recovered – 11 more than yesterday.

47 deceased – same as yesterday.

752 Pandemic accumulated cases


· Screening: 66,000 people have registered on the website to take the test. 32,372 tests had already been made by yesterday afternoon and 27,000 text messages had been sent with the test results.

· Antibodies do not appear until a few days after contracting the disease. Therefore the test is done with a double screening, so that people who are still incubating the disease during the first test can be detected in the second test.

· A reliability study has been made of the material being used to perform the tests. The specificity result is 100% in the detection of IgM and IgG. The sensitivity result is 96% in the detection of IgM and 88% in the detection of IgG.

· Test results are being sent by SMS text message to each individual’s mobile phones.

· If no signs of infection are shown, it is advisable to continue maintaining the protective measures until the second test is performed.

· If signs of infection are shown, contact your GP or other doctor.

· Having a positive IgM does not mean that the person is contagious. The doctor needs to know the IgG result to make an overall assessment. This assessment is made by your GP who, if necessary, will advise you to have a PCR (Covid-19) study which will confirm whether you are ill or may be a transmitter of the disease.

· A positive serological test (positive IgM) is not a reason to take sick leave, you must follow the process indicated by the doctor. A positive IgM can simply mean that you have had the disease and that you still have antibodies left.

· A medical diagnosis is needed to confirm isolation. Without this diagnosis it is sufficient to maintain the containment recommendations of the last few weeks.

· Possible test results:

1. IgM-/ IgG-: No antibodies / General protection measures detected. Directions for the second round of the test

2. IGM- / IgG +: Resolved infection / general protection measures. Directions for the second round of the test.

3. IgM + / IgG-: Infection / Contact your doctor for a diagnosis.

4. IgM + / IgG +: Infection / Contact your doctor for a diagnosis.

· To find out your results: Although they will be sent by SMS you can also call 775 006 24 hours after your test and you will be informed of the specific result of IgG / IgM.

Casuistics: (The recording and study of individual cases.)

· Within the same family, there may be different outcomes, i.e. positive and negative members living together in the same household. This is due to mild gastrointestinal forms that are not easily spread.

· Having our own PCR machine for testing for the Covid-19 virus with 1,500 reagents allows us to carry out the most urgent tests in Andorra itself. This process will be accelerated when the machines provided by Grífols arrive, which will allow up to 2,000 tests to be carried out daily.

· Once the mass screening is complete, PCR and Grífols TMA tests will be performed on certain population groups to control the pandemic and prevent a resurgence.

· From approximately 1st June, new decisions will be able to be made thanks to the results of the screening, which will allow the country to go towards a more selective confinement.

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